Tuesday, August 12, 2008


... my personal cigar blog. Oh, I can see you scratching your forehead - not another cigar blog!? There are a lot of cigar review sites on the Net, some I speed-read daily and really enjoy them. Does the cigar community need another one? I have been thinking about that for some time now. Well, I decided to start one, if for no other reason, my personal enjoyment, as a personal log if you will, of cigars I have smoked and to try and evaluate each experience. I am far from being an expert, as I have only been smoking cigars regularly for the past 5 years, but have learned a great deal since cutting and lighting my first stogie, and will gladly share my experience with anyone interested.

As you will gather from the posts, I am biased towards strong smokes, although I smoke milder cigars as well. This is primarily due to my smoking in the evening or at night when my little boy is asleep, thus I want something to help me unwind, relax and kick me to bed.

Since cigar smoking is very subjective, I hate rating or grading cigars. Instead, in my postings, I will only observe, note and recommend cigars, based on my experience and the overall performance of the smoke. Sure, I could rate appearance and construction, but more often than not, some flaws do distract in cosmetic sense, but have zero impact on actual experience. Usually, perfectly looking sticks let me down in performance department.
How I evaluate cigars: I have stumbled upon a website of Mr. Rafael Bernardo, a great spanish aficionado, who has attended several Habanos festivals and has even written a book on the subject, THE ART OF UNDERSTANDING AND ENJOYING HAVANA CIGARS. On his website you can find a draft of official Habanos Tasting sheet, presented at the 6th International Festival of Habano, February 2004. Now, I don`t know if it`s outdated, but IMO it pretty much covers every aspect of cigar evaluation. I also comment on cigar performance in thirds plus a nub, as I smoke all cigars to the nub, even if unpleasant, just to see, in which direction the smoke will take me and where it will eventually leave me.

As pictures speak a thousand words, I will include images of actual performance. As a side note, all images will only be scaled down from original resolution, for faster viewing, snapped exclusively with my mobile. Since being an amateur, excuse occasional poor photos (note to a great photographer and reviewer, Kevin at http://www.theboxpress.com/ :-))

So, enough rant, here goes my first attempt... If you´re gonna comment, be gentle...

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