Friday, April 22, 2011


It`s been a while... More than two years to be exact. Life`s obligations took their toll, additional member of the family, work, health... I have continued smoking all this time, albeit much less...
Anyways, I decided to start reviewing again, from time to time... but to share only superb experiences...

Times have continued to change since my last post. Anti-smoking laws are stripping our rights as cigar smokers profoundly, every day more so. You can`t go out anymore and light a good cigar without some form of hassle, unless you smoke outside. Thank God, summer is just around the corner, otherwise we have to freeze our butts out on subzero weather for half- to an hour or more to enjoy our passion for cigars. Even casinos with their relaxed stance towards smokers, had to tighten up due to legislation. No more exemptions. I used to frequent casinos. Never played for some serious dough, just a couple hundred bucks maybe and played till I won something "of importance" or, in most cases, blew what I had =). I liked the beat of casinos with dingling lights, sounds, music, good spirit and general atmosphere. Oh, and the ladies there... Niceeeeee...
I remember, several years ago, when I last visited the casino, I lit up a cuban Bolivar, right there on the floor while playing Roulette. The people around me didn`t mind one bit, some even asked me what cigar was I smoking as they enjoyed the aroma so much. Ahhh... I miss those years.
Nowadays, if I want a little action while enjoying my smoke, I visit some of the top casinos online from the privacy of my home. Sure, I miss all the eye candy (read: beautiful female employees), but to be able to smoke while playing my favourite games definitely goes a loooong way towards creating the "right atmosphere".

So, until times change and hopefully they will, I will eat my candy instead of eyeing it, light a smoke, pour my scotch and roll the electronic dice.

Until next time


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