Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Place of purchase: Famous Smoke Shop Online


SIZE: 5x48 (equivalent to cuban robusto-like vitola Hermosos No.4)
APPEARANCE: good, veiny but nice uniform colorado maduro wrapper, oily sheen, nice, simple, but nice band skillfully applied
CONSTRUCTION: very good: firmly applied wrapper and cap, firm, nicely filled bunch with fine give, one slightly loose seam on one spot
DRAW: perfect
BURN: very good
AROMA: excellent, divine raisin, cinnamon, pepper, leather
FLAVOR: excellent
DOMINANT FLAVORS: pepper, leather, earth, wood
AFTERTASTE: salt, leather, wood
STRENGHT: very strong

SMOKING TIME: ~ 95 minutes

PRELIGHT: salt, pepper, leather, strong molasses
LIGHT OF CHOICE: torch flame lighter, easily
BEVERAGE: coffee black

First few puffs cut through the palate with pure pepper. This stick shows its strenght immediately, while the aroma fills the air with divine raisin, cinnamon, pepper and leather. Burn is cuban-like, with thick mascara, but ash is uniform white and very compact. Nose blow extremely peppery with salty, raisiny background. After half inch pepper tames from extreme to full and readily gives way to earth, leather and wood with hefty grain of salt. Aroma persists of fantastic burnt raisin-cinnamon. This smoke delivers a punch to the gut and head immediately. Finish is medium and carries salty, earthy notes. Resting smoke is substantial. Towards second third, pepper is tamed further leaving earth and leather to dominate. Raisin and cinnamon persist on the nose with addition of warm, sweet caramel.

Flavors and aroma persist, with salt notes increasing. The cigar leaves palate dry, so drink is advisable - sugar variety, to combat nicotine punch. Ashing reveals slight cone, the smoke behaves admirably. Nose blow at this stage is almost pleasant. Body in the solid full range "in your face" style. At this point woody notes dominate with earth, leather in the background. Pepper still detected but only as a backdrop to other flavors. Finish lenghtens with salty wood trailed by slight bitterness, not unpleasant in any way. Crossing to final third, everything plays together really nice, with bitter citrus notes appearing, much like grapefruit.

Flavors are static, only addition are slight nuances of roasted, salted peanuts. Aroma continues in fantastic fashion. I suspect the smoke would not be pleasant for bystander as it is real intense, albeit very aromatic.

Nothing new is revealed. Wood dominates with salt, earth and pepper in close second. No tar build-up indicates good fermentation and smoke withstands abuse with no problem whatsoever. Body in the upper full

This is one fantastic smoke I recommend to serious, seasoned smokers only. It has enough power to easily floor someone who does not have the cigar mileage yet. I personally would decline alcoholic drink while smoking this firecracker as it would put me out easily and I smoke predominantly heavy stuff. Don`t say I didn`t warn you...


Denis said...

Nice reviews you have there. Posted about it at www.cigarinspector.com
Enjoy and keep it up!

Rob said...

Thank you Denis. I have read your comments about my review. You flatter me. I am regular reader of your site and consider you an expert. I`ve had an email planned for you for a while now, but you beat me to it.

Denis said...

Rob, are you on Twitter? If not, what's your e-mail? Let's get in touch (you can join me at denis a cigarinspector dot com)

Rob said...

Denis, you got mail.