Thursday, October 23, 2008




These used to be machine made. My three pack (new packaging, red and white tubes) states Totalmente a mano

Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Place of purchase: Gift from my dear sister


SIZE: 5.5x40
APPEARANCE: very good, oily, even colored colorado wrapper on a bit veiny side, slight discoloration in the wrapper, but it provides character
CONSTRUCTION: appears very good, but IMO lousy bunching of the filler was the culprit for physical performance of cigar: firmly applied wrapper and cap, firm, nicely filled bunch with fine give, good cap
DRAW: perfect
BURN: whatever this was, it was NOT burn
AROMA: very good
FLAVOR: poor to average, what was gathered
DOMINANT FLAVORS: leather, earth, pepper, caramel
AFTERTASTE: salt, leather, earth
STRENGHT: moderate

SMOKING TIME: ~ 80 minutes
GENERAL IMPRESSION: waste of time and money

CUT: Double guillotine
PRELIGHT: salt, leather, strong molasses
LIGHT: torch flame lighter, very stubborn
BEVERAGE: coffee black

1/3:The cigar opens with strong leather and earth, backed by ample amount of pepper. After only a few puffs, problems appear with either a bad light or construction problems. Two relights in the first quarter inch. Burn is ridiculous and it shows on the flavor, as bitter notes are already present. Ash at this point is flaky and sick looking. At this stage pepper is tamed somewhat while earth and leather dominate. Nose blow reveals salty notes on peppery side, but relatively smooth. Towards second third, nonsweet caramel joins the show, with leather retreating to the background. Pepper is out of the picture. Burn continues in erratic fashion, while the aroma of the stick is that of nice hay and leather.

2/3:Brings nothing new to the table, the stick goes out constantly. Touch-up is applied. Aroma is continually very good, with prominent earth, salt, hay and caramel. Towards final third, deep tunnel is formed and it show on the flavor. Bitterness is on the rise, while body is in the mild-medium range.
3/3:Stick finally went out completely. The ash shows signs of smouldering and relight brings back familiar flavors of earth, with leather and slight pepper, wrapped in solid bitterness, body in the medium. The only thing going for this smoke is nice shade of wrapper, nice band and heavenly aroma. Otherwise, I would have left this stick to die a miserable death in the second third at the latest.
NUB: Another touch-up, and I am tired of relighting this stick. The flavors are subpar with bitter, salt, earth and a pronounced chemical finish. Slight tar build-up is visible indicating that tobacco was rushed to cigar production.
As you have seen from the review, I loved the original flavor and aroma of this cigar, and would gladly smoke more of these, BUT ONLY if I was certain they would PERFORM. Sure, handmade products like cigars carry no certainty unless you light one up, but this is clearly production problem. Tobacco was fine.
No use having beautiful stick on your hands if you can`t make it burn, unless you dip it in gasoline. Hope others are light years better than this specimen...


bashar said...

Smoking one at the moment and i have no complaints on the burn side.

most likely you had a foul stick or somthing.

Martin said...

The best Romeo of the 1-3 Romeo Tubes and one of a trio of my favorite tubed cigars.. right up there with the Upmann Coronas Major and Hoyo Coronations. These have been handmade for the past few years, and now come in newly designed white and red tubes. I always get the feeling some of the ugly cigars make it into tubes.. that's ok, they're usually pretty good. These are the Best Cigars for me.

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softwaresolt said...
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softwaresolt said...

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