Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Origin: Dominican Republic
US Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

Place of purchase: Local B & M


SIZE: 5.5x50
APPEARANCE: very good: a couple of larger veins, wrinkled, evenly colored claro wrapper, dry with just a slight oily sheen, but definitely not an ugly stick
CONSTRUCTION: very good: nicely applied wrapper and tipical dominican cap, firm, nicely filled bunch, with the perfect amount of give, a bit loose seams on several spots
DRAW: perfect
BURN: average to good, problems upon light in the first inch
AROMA: very good
FLAVOR: good
DOMINANT FLAVORS: earth, hay, salty floral notes
AFTERTASTE: earthy, charred wood
STRENGHT: somewhat mild
SMOKING TIME: ~ 90 minutes

CUT: Scissors
PRELIGHT: cedar, hay, barnyard, licorice??
LIGHT: torch flame lighter, took some time
BEVERAGE: Courvoisier V.S. Cognac

This cigar starts with generous earth, hay and distinct floral notes. Salt in the background. Not a lot of smoke, even with perfect draw, indicates bunching issue. Thick burn line and wavy burn. All this usually means a hole in the filler and I hate this even more than a plugged smoke.

After an inch of working through the problem, the burn normalizes and finally flavors start to shine. Nice smooth, clean tobacco taste with fruity notes and easy nose blow on the apple-cinnamon side. Unusual and probably result of great pairing with young cognac. Very enjoyable. The ash looks kinda funny, compact, but definitely not "healthy" all around.

Brings about distinct citrus along salty tobacco. Body in mild to medium range. Wife compliments on the aroma. Finish is very light. Burn finally evens out and ash regains "healthy" look. Apple persistently trails on the nose with only a hint of cinnamon. Short salty finish.

Body climbed to medium. Flavors from the second third static. Physical performance admirable with no problems whatsoever.

Salty tobacco with bitter woody notes. No tar build-up. Long salty, charred wood finish.

This is my "keep a few in the humidor for a change of pace" stick. It is well priced, quality, flavorful dominican smoke made by Hendrik Kelner. On its own, I label it ideal for someone who enjoys milder, but not mild smokes or a morning smoke. Courvoisier was great company to this smoke with its youthful, fruity profile. It "lended" a solid body to this smoke, making it also perfect for someone who enjoys a "hammer" of a smoke.


Robert said...

nice review. i just smoked my first two today and i am pretty impressed. keep up the good work!

garth said...

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