Friday, September 12, 2008



Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

This smoke is machine made short/mixed filler with hand applied wrapper. It consists of scrapings of tobacco of more prestigious brands.

Place of purchase: Local B & M


SIZE: 5.5x44
APPEARANCE: very good, especially for a cheapie: veiny with some larger veins, evenly colored colorado claro wrapper, slight oily sheen, as far as short filler smokes go, this one is quite nice
CONSTRUCTION: very good: well applied wrapper and double cap, firm, nicely filled bunch - machine made, with fine give, nice tight seams
DRAW: perfect
BURN: good to very good, tipical cuban
AROMA: good
FLAVOR: good
DOMINANT FLAVORS: earth, cedar, salt
AFTERTASTE: earth, cedar, some leather, salt
STRENGHT: somewhat mild
SMOKING TIME: ~ 90 minutes

CUT: Double guillotine
PRELIGHT: earth, salty tobacco
LIGHT: torch flame lighter, easily
BEVERAGE: 7 years old Havana Club Anejo Rum

Upon light intense earth and salt hit the palate, with wood and leather in the background. Smooth with no bite whatsoever. Nose blow effortless and defines salty notes on top of leather. Smoke leaves palate dry, so have a drink on hand. I sure did. Tipical cuban burn.
Rum brings out floral notes with wonderful non-sweetened caramel aroma and toasty finish. Ash is fragile and easily drops. Body in the mild to medium range.

No surprises here, complex is not a word to describe this smoke. Flavors are static, but not unpleasant or boring. Body barely medium. Ash drops yet again and cannot even grow to an inch. A thing really going for this cheapie on value but not on performance is constant flavor. It does not budge and delivers what its got tall and proud. No bitterness, no tar, good aroma, thick, rich smoke and good, albeit thick burn.

This is definitely a single tone tune, but it rocks anyway. A faint citrus note is finally picked up on the nose blow and also on the finish.

More of the same `ol. It`s interesting to note that neither body nor flavor increased in the final third. Not even a hair. A textbook constant.

Jose L. Piedra are some of the cheapest cuban cigars you can buy. But they are definitely not "cheap". Sure, there is no complexity, no divine aromas, no silky wrappers... but there is honest cuban flavor and experience. For a short-mixed filler cigar or a cuban daily smoke you can hardly do better. At the prices they go for, you can stock up on them, let them rest for a couple of years and you truly have a small gem on your hands, plus your wallet will thank you.

I ought to mention that rum complimented smoke well, but failed to bring out more delicate nuances. It did, however, "lend" a substantial "body" to the smoke :-)

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ABBEY said...

I completely agree with you about your thoughts about it that it is some of the cheapest cuban cigars you can buy. but i just want to say it is good enough to give a good taste when needed.