Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Origin: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Place of purchase: Local B & M


SIZE: 5.5x52
APPEARANCE: average to good: veins all over the place - varicose variety, evenly colored wrapper, nice oily sheen
CONSTRUCTION: very good to excellent: nicely applied wrapper and cap, firm, nicely filled bunch with fine give, slight box press
DRAW: perfect to firm
BURN: very good to perfect
AROMA: very good
FLAVOR: very good
DOMINANT FLAVORS: earth, cedar, leather, some pepper
AFTERTASTE: earthy, some wood
STRENGHT: somewhat mild
SMOKING TIME: ~ 2 hours

CUT: Scissors
PRELIGHT: earth, cedar
LIGHT: easily with a torch flame lighter
BEVERAGE: coffee with milk

Earth, cedar and thin pepper greet me at the outset of this smoke. Nose blow floral, smooth. Vanilla reveales itself on the nose. I really enjoy this fantastic aroma. Tipical cuban burn, mild to medium body.
After half an inch, leather and wood join earth, while cedar fades to background. Pepper is no longer detected. The smoke is smooth with woody finish on a slightly bitter side, but not unpleasant. I noticed substantial rest burn. Nose blow picking up citrus notes.

Citrus becomes prominent with wood accent, leather and earth retreat to back, but don`t go unnoticed. Body climbes to medium and holds. Vanilla persists on the nose. Nearing the final third, cocoa is gaining momentum with ever-so-slightly anise, just barely enough to notice.

I have never picked this note before and it took a while to pinpoint. Sort of reminiscent of greek spirit Ouzo.

Even though very compact, the ash suddenly drops. Small cones formed throughout the smoke, indicating aged, rested cigar, but no way to confirm this as I purchased singles and haven`t checked the box when buying. Flavorwise, wood dominates with bitterness slowly rearing its ugly head. Luckily, it didn`t last but a few puffs. Finish fruity - citrus and anise. Body settled in solid medium. Tunnel starts forming at this point.

Enjoying this one so much, I burned the band. Nothing new transitioning to the nub, everything just complementing everything. Delivers until I burned my fingers.

This cigar is usually too mild for me, but today I was really beat from rearranging our bedroom for my soon-to-be-born baby girl and it was just what the doctor ordered. At 9 EUR per stick it`s a little steep for me for a box buy, but I will always have a couple on hand.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review - I really enjoy SP Belis, and soemtimes get a little saltiness from the as well.

The Berris Blog

Rob said...

You are welcome Bill. It`s nice to know at least one person reads this blog. I like SP from time to time as a nice change of pace.
I really enjoyed your review of Gran Habano 3 Siglo. I will try to obtain a few to try myself.


Peter Brown said...

It's a medium-to-full bodied cigar, with a lot of variety in flavor as you steps forward through the cigar.