Monday, September 8, 2008



Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

Place of purchase: Local B & M


SIZE: 5 5/8x46
APPEARANCE: very good: a bit veiny, evenly colored colorado wrapper with dark splotches, dryish with slight oily sheen
CONSTRUCTION: very good to excellent: firm, nicely filled bunch, well applied wrapper and triple cap, slight box press
DRAW: perfect to firm
BURN: very good, but tipical cuban
AROMA: excellent
FLAVOR: very good
DOMINANT FLAVORS: leather, pepper, earth
AFTERTASTE: leather, citrus, tobacco
STRENGHT: somewhat strong to strong
SMOKING TIME: ~ 2 hours

PRELIGHT: leather, wood, molasses, sweet tobacco
LIGHT: torch flame lighter, easily
BEVERAGE: coffee with milk

Opens with a dose of black pepper riding on the notes of earth and cedar. Nose blow pure pepper - not recommended. This is one strong puppy. After only a few puffs, I can feel it`s effect. At quarter inch pepper is easing up a bit and earth with cedar dominate. There is faint vanilla on the nose already and my wife compliments the aroma. Tipical cuban burn: wavy with thick mascara.

The ash is fragile and suddenly drops. Leather is gaining on earth and cedar with spice firmly in the back. Vanilla persists on the nose and compliments smoke nicely. Body in the lower full. The ash flowers a bit, but no biggie. I have picked up a nuance in this smoke, but can`t put a finger on it. I just remember sensation from the past. No burning cones for this smoke - this usually signs a well aged smoke. Have no idea how old this stick is as I picked up just a fiver, but had it in my humidor for about 6-8 months.

At this point, the smoke gets steady, no sudden turns anymore, a nice flavor symphony just continues with pronounced vanilla on the nose. No tar build-up anywhere in sight, the burn continuing in cuban fashion. The cigar can withstand a bout of overpuffing easily without spoiling the flavor, which is very deep and rich.

Body settles in full. The aforementioned flavors continue with citrus finish that is not very heavy and lingers nicely on the palate. My fingers smell fantastic.

Great smoke, lots of complexity. Subtle notes come and go until final, when everything just plays really well together. If not for 9 EUR a pop, (approx. 13 USD local rate) I would smoke this constantly.

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