Monday, September 15, 2008



Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun grown
Binder: Nicaraguan Sun grown
Filler: Nicaraguan Sun grown

Place of purchase: Famous Smoke Shop Online


SIZE: 6.5x54
APPEARANCE: poor to average: this one is no looker, veiny with some larger veins, evenly colored colorado maduro wrapper, slight oily sheen, slapped on cap
CONSTRUCTION: poor to average: soft bunch indicating underfill, soft, excessive give, tried to counteract with a punch cut, hastily applied cap
DRAW: loose
BURN: very good to excellent
AROMA: very good
FLAVOR: good to very good
DOMINANT FLAVORS: nut, cocoa, leather, pepper
AFTERTASTE: worn leather
STRENGHT: moderate
SMOKING TIME: ~ 2 hours

CUT: punch
PRELIGHT: earth, salty tobacco
LIGHT: torch flame lighter, easily
BEVERAGE: espresso

First puffs deliver nutty flavor, underlined by leather and pepper. It tingles back of the throat immediately. Nose blow nutty with generous pepper - not recommended for new smokers. Draw loose, even with punch cut. Thin burn line with somewhat loose ash. It continues in nutty fashion strongly backed by pepper and a touch of worn leather. Abundant smoke. Nearing second third salty notes join nut and pepper in the foreground, while cocoa is detected in the back. Ashing reveals cone. Body in the medium.

Slowly, unsweetened cocoa appears from the background and starts dominating. Pepper eased out of the picture and nuts retreat to the back, but still show presence. Light charry, salty finish. I really have to pace myself to preserve flavors, as the smoke overheats very easily due to excessively loose draw. Body in the solid medium. Wonderful aroma: chocolate and roasted nuts.

Flavors at this point are static. Finish remains salty, with charry notes increasing. Pepper slowly returns and takes centerstage.

Bitterness dominates with pepper trailing. Body stayed in the medium. No tar build-up, nice fermentation. Finish long, spicy bitter wood with just a touch of leather.

What to say about Padrons? They are really consistent cigars, good quality, value oriented cigars with great flavors and aroma. I just love them.... when they are good. My consistent ("PADRON" THE PUN :-) problem is loose draw. I don`t mind haphazard appearance, as I "judge" a smoke on its flavor and performance, not cosmetics, but loose draw really spoils the enjoyment I get out of these, as I have to pay really close attention not to overheat the smoke. I guess Padrons really loathe plugged smokes, so they over-insure it does not happen with their smokes. Otherwise, these are fantastic and every cigar smoker should at least try these.

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